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cartridges and adjustable hit

I recently started using cartridge needles out of convenience but I am having a hard time adjusting to it. Maybe someone here knows something I don't. I've been lining and shading with T-Tech cartridges on a Stigma Bizarre V2 which has adjustable hit. I like to run my liners fairly hard and fast for speed and my shaders a bit slower and softer for workability. With a standard needle and tube I can make the speed and hit adjustments to my Stigma to suit my lining and shading preferences. But, with cartridges it seems the resistance from the spring inside the cartridge is canceling out the hit adjustment on my machine. Trying to get a softer hit only results in less throw. Like I said, hopefully someone can offer me some advice. Perhaps the hit adjustment system on newer or cartridge specific rotary machines is different than that of my slightly older Stigma.