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Hummingbird Gen2 Voltage

Hi dears,
I got this GEN2 with swiss motors since 2 month,
i am pretty new in tatoo world, and i training myself on pig skin,
i would like to know which voltage you are using with hummingbird ?, from my part for liner/color 6V and for shading 5V,
but with 6V for liner, i got too much vibration in my finger, so can i decrease to 5,5V for liner ?
thanks for your help


RE:Hummingbird Gen2 Voltage

I just got a Hummingbird v2 last week and tried it today.
I used it at 5v for lining and at 4v on shading and it worked ok.
I want to know how to set it up properly especially what to do whit the thumb screw.
I am tattooing for over a year but I used a Micky Sharpz hybrid coil machine which i'we learned how to tune it correctly.
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RE:Hummingbird Gen2 Voltage

I have found there is a lot of vibration wth this machine on the recomended voltage, very powerful, so I have been using 4v lining with a 5rl and get a nice clean result, as for shading I use a 15mag with a rotary so would run on 5-5.5v

As for the adjusting of give.. It's very minimal per turn, also using the tension bar can control your speed and overall vibration.. I find wrapping the grip with two layers of tissue folded then some crystal grip tape over that makes it quite absorbent to the vibrations
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