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Machine is cutting out

hey if anyone can help it would be appreciated so my machines are cutting out or bogging down and sometimes stop all together iv replaced everything i was using the rage power supply from tatsoul now i have the brick from tatsoul im also using the darklab delta footswitch and alboro clip cord and its all been sent back and replaced im also using work horse irons soba clipper machines that have been also sent in for this reason and still does it all the time....someone plz help i cant send my shit in again or replace it...iv also cleaned all contacts and still the same


RE:Machine is cutting out


Hey man,

It sounds like you might have a short in the wiring or contact point, perhaps around a soldered area, or you may have a faulty capacitor. disassemble your machine and check for any cracks or splits in the wires and solder area. do a continuity test to determine any faults, and swap out the capacitor with a new one.


Stephen Stacey
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RE:Machine is cutting out

Hey I appreciate the info I sent the machine into workhorse irons to have the repairs done there's only 10 of them machines made so I let them do the dirty work but thanks again
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