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Apprentice Advice

Hi guys,
I have been apprenticing since October and my boss has recently had me start doing more tattoos. Specifically walk-ins. We are a street shop so we see a lot of the cliche girly tattoos (infinity, bird silhouettes, etc..). I've been doing my best to improve my linework but I'm still fairly intimidated by delicate, flowing, long, curving lines (infinity). When I have a hard time laying a line, sometimes, it makes me nervous and when I get nervous I feel like it is detrimental to the tattoo. I'm wondering if any of you have advice for nerves. I have a pretty supportive group of guys I work with. I'm just looking for a little extra insight overall. I'm feeling a little shitty after my last tattoo. Thanks in advance for any responses.


RE:Apprentice Advice

i think that the answer to this one is time. over time you will become more relaxed and will find your comfort spot. try to prepare yourself daily, eat good meals, stretch out before tattooing and avoid caffeine. i know that you probably have heard this over and over but its true. also think of it this way if you didn't get nervous at this stage of your tattooing career then that may mean that you are over confident about your work and that can be a bigger problem. just go with things on a daily bases and things will be fine. i was the same way for a while when i started. then i got to work on this one girl (a fellow tattooist) pain in the ass picky and wanted the best tattoo out there, i thought i was going to be sick i started shaking and almost fell apart then something happened she said just take your time and you can do it . i guess she noticed how nervous i was. after the needle hit the skin i became so relaxed and to this day she still says its the best tattoo that she has, so with time it will pass. hope this helps
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