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healing at tattoo conventions

Hey guys..im working a 3 day tattoo show. Its the first 3 day show i have worked. I wish to seek advice on keeping the tattoo looking fresh for the competitions on sunday. My tattoos usually heal in about a week but pretty much start flaking the next day ...ive seen folks do pieces for 3 days straight and have no scabbing or flakeyness..any hints or tips? I thought about wet healing or maybe a heavier cream but dont wanna moisten the hell out of it either..many thanks


RE:healing at tattoo conventions


hey bro,

I recommend that you use Tegaderm. here is a link.


It is a breathable barrier film that keeps bacteria and contaminants out while using the bodies natural fluids to heal. Keep the tegaderm on for the first three days with a light coat of redemption, h2 oceans,hustle butter, etc after 3 days wash and reapply it, keep the second application on for 4 days and the tattoo will be healed. for your purposes, the skin will stay in tack better than if you left it open to the elements and allowed it to dry....and on show day you will be able to remove the tegaderm clean the tattoo and have it looking very close to day you did it... just be sure that you re-sterilize the skin again before applying another application. I recommend that you only remove the tegaderm once for the purpose of the contest. do not apply and remove multiple time because you will cause too much irritation and possible damage to the skin.

Hope that helps

Stephen Stacey
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