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Eternal,Bloodline,Immortal ink thickness help.

Can anyone tell me which of these three inks is the 'thinnest'? please? I haven't used any of them and need a thin ink. Thank you.


RE:Eternal,Bloodline,Immortal ink thickness help.


Hey man.

Just dip your tube into your distilled water cup until you have the consistency you need. Or just place a few drops of clear on top of your ink after you fill each cup before you start if your inks are too thick...was there something particular that you're having trouble with that you are looking for thinner inks?


Stephen Stacey
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RE:Eternal,Bloodline,Immortal ink thickness help.

Hi, I had the same problem with different brands
and figured out that if you prefer thinner inks
Radiant is the right brand they are quite good as
old Papillon (later Starbrite) heal great and it is so
easy to work with.
Best inks at the moment for me.

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