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barrier films

So i know that a lot of artist use like tatsoul client chairs or other types. but i still use the massage table for most of my work and the question is ,what do you guys that use these tables use for barrier films on the table? i have been using cling wrap forever and it is starting to drive me nuts all the unrolling and having to tape it all over sucks. is there something better? i have seen some artist use plastic sheeting of some sort but not sure on what it actually was. i work off of a cream color table just because if it gets ink or dirt on it i can see it.and my clients love the idea of seeing a light colored table they say it makes them feel assured that it is clean. i am a bit of a clean freak, please help and thank you in advance


RE:barrier films


Hey man,

You can purchase "drop sheets" here,


Most reputable supply stores also sell Disposable pillow cases. if you use a pillow. wrap it twice with 2 separate garbage bags. and then place a disposable pillow case over it them. when you dispose of the pillow case as a "Soiled critical surface", you can dispose of the first garbage bag as a non critical layer, place a second garbage bag over the first one again until you are ready to reapply the disposable pillow case again for the next customer.. if you find that you customer is going to be in a position that requires them moving a lot, then I recommend that you continue using saran wrap. The inconvenience of having to keep wrapping the able will always be less important than the customers safety..

hope that helps,

Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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RE:barrier films

Hey, Superman thanks for the help i will check them out.its not been too big of a problem just more of a concern. i do get those crazy clients that move all over and i don't want to end up with a mess. being clean is one of the things that set me apart from the other shops here , my clients say that they love about me. Im a clean freak . i do have another question.i seen a guy once use a big clear garbage bag on his table , he just cut the sides and taped it down, do you think that would work or do you think that seems too cheap. i thought about some sort of thin plastic sheeting then put down a disposable bed sheet. Im not concerned with the price of these things i just want to have a good clean system for my clients. i plan on getting the tatsoul 370s titanium chair in the near future. so then i will have a new problem to deal with. lol anyway thanks for the help.... other people thoughts and opinions are welcome too......
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