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Hey, this isn't really a question but more of a bashing on you MIKE . I will explain for the past few years i have been a dedicated Fusion Ink user and before that many other types,so the other day i started this new project on a guy and i wanted to work with a good assortment of grays. got tried of mixing up my own , so i looked around and finally decided to order up your set of eternal . i have never used eternal because of the love for Fusion, so i get the half oz set just for that tattoo and just to see how i would like them, here's where the problem comes in........i get them and damn the pictures don't do them justice, dude those are the crispiest coolest colors, i absolutely love the color range .if i would have just bought these a long time ago i could have saved so much time, they are perfect, i haven't gotten into all the colors yet but i cant wait. i see nothing but good times with this pallet. So now,because of you i have to order a bigger set. that's the problem your series is now gonna take more of my money. LoL. also i think that i am going to go ahead and try out the rest of the eternal line. i do love Fusion so it is hard for me to buy from other places, but when i got your set i was so glad that i did. i need to give credit to you and Mario R. man you two freaken killed it with those colors.... and you put a big smile on my face with that lineup ,so stoked . thanks Mike



Thanks man, means a lot!
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