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heavy scab

Hi guys!
Why is heavy scab on some of my tattoos?


RE:heavy scab


Hey man,

Heavy scabbing is usually caused by two main reasons.

1. the Tattoo was overworked and caused too much trauma to the top layer of skin, to allow for easy coagulation of the damaged area. resulting In an excessive amounts of plasma and bleeding to take place and forming heavy scabs.
2. the tattoo is not taken care of in the proper fashion, and either you have given improper aftercare instructions, or your client is not following the aftercare instruction properly. During the tattooing process the skin secretes fluid forming droplets on the surface. If the blood particles in the fluid dry on the surface they stick on the surface looking like little black specs. If allowed to remain they adhere strongly and other damaged cells and particles accumulate, they dry and begin scab formation. Scabbing prolongs the healing process because epithelial cells must grow beneath this heavy burden scab to seal the skin.

hope that helps,
Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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RE:heavy scab

Thank you so much mate!
May I didn't work enough deep and then I caused too much trauma to the top layer of the skin..?
I was working on 1-1,5 mm deep with the magnum.
Someone says 2.5-3 mm is the good depth. Is it true? (actually that isn't 2.5-3 mm because you hold the machine in 45 degree. What means the actual depth is half of the 2.5-3 mm)
Thank you
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