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Greywash URGENT help!

Hey guys, I have a two step question regarding greywash.

1. Which (in your opinion) are the best premixed greywash brands?
I have used Eternal, Intenze (Bob Tyrrell) and Fusion. All the brands I have used, I find the tones are all very similar and very dark and the light tones can only be achieved by cutting the ink down with a distilled mix which for me defeats the purpose of buying premade ink for consistency! I have heard good things about Kuro Sumi and Kabuki, but would like some input as I have wasted so much on ink over the years that I dont like. I am after a set that has authentic light tones and good gradients between shades.

2. Which is the best black to use if making your own greywash? I have made greywash sets with eternal and starbrite turbo black and that has been adequate but as my style has evolved over the years, I want the ink tones to reflect that and now I am finding those tones to be a little flat for realism style pieces. I see beautiful rich greywash all the time online with stunning dark and light contrasts and super smooth blends (i know a lot of this is also technique, but Im not concerned with my technique, I can tattoo beautifully, I just want to ensure I am using the best mixes available) but as you know a lot of artists can be tight lipped about their preferred brands or self mix dilutions.

I am more likely going to head in the direction of making my own so I can control the dilution to suit my style (and I prefer to make 4oz bottles as opposed to mixing in the cap) so can anyone suggest a really beautiful black that will work well as a greywash.I purchased Intenze Zuper Black for this purpose, but then was advised it doesnt make a good wash. And for those who make their own wash with a specific black, if you can provide a link to the healed tattoo so I can see the tones, that would be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading my stupidly long post and any input is appreciated. Cheers


RE:Greywash URGENT help!

I've used a lot of pre mixed washes over the years and some of them are great, but for some reason I keep going back to just diluting my own. I just use Perfect Black from Eternal Ink for everything! Depending on the skin tone, each time is different. Obviously, black, then I would do 5-7 drops in a normal size cap , not one of those huge ones or tiny ones, I believe its number 16 ink caps. If its darker skin I would do around 7 if someone is very light I would do 4 or 5, then down the line depending on what I poured for my dark, depends on what I'll do for my mid, so around 3 drops, then I usually do two, then one, then a cap of water that I'll use to dilute my one drop which eventually becomes a half drop. There is no exact science to it. No matter what you're using just make sure the tones and contrast are there in your tattoo, everything else falls into place.
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RE:Greywash URGENT help!

I have not been tattooing very long, however my biggest interest outside of tattooing itself is mixing inks. I have found that Waverly Dark Black is best for me with line work and lettering. I use Waverly Bluebird black for solid fill and greywash. I also use 4 ounce bottles and I do a 5 stage with 25% black, 20,15,10,5 and I mix those percentages with a mixture of Witch Hazel, Glycerin, a touch of alcohol, and distilled water. The light grey is perfect for me doing really light tones. I hope this helps in anyway.
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