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Grey wash shading

So I just bought the new inkjecta machine and I really want to get better at black and grey wash shading so what combo would you recommend to use and I also use the bugpin 17 Mag a lot to share. I always get that rake look and can't figure out how to get a light smooth consistant shade without the rake look. As if each individual needle is making its own line? Am I not going deep enough am I running machine too slow?? It's like this huge mystery and if you can answer it for me I will be that much better. Throw too far??


RE:Grey wash shading

With a bigger grouping of needles, you need to turn the voltage of your power supply up Until you find the sweet spot when its consistently packing smooth Color/Shade. Try hanging the needles out a bit more and turn the give up so as to not rear skin. Keep your tattoo strokes/hand movement's in circular motions, no bigger that the needle grouping you are using. As to greywash. I have the bigger caps, 3 caps for wash. 3 drops black, next cap 6 drops, last cap 9. Then I have a small cap with pure black. I use a 5/9 magnum, 8/14 round shader and Intenze ink. Also, I dilute the greywash with witch hazel.
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