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apprenticeship all over again.

long time lurker, and this is my first post.

Anyways, I received and apprenticeship about 8 years ago, I was 19/20 at the time. After working in a shop for about three years, during that time I took on that party life style, never having less then a grand on me at some points, drinking, strippers, etc...I was in a crazy place, then it started going down hill. At some point I decided to get away and joined the Navy.

During my time in, I've seen a lot of tattoos, and met some cool artist. And I missed it, and ended up buying some machines, inks, etc... and did a few tattoos( 2 or 3), and really, really missed it. I haven't tattooed for about a year now. and the urge still gets to me.

I've recently been absorbing as much artistic info as I can and working on my drawings, and trying to start painting again. Kind of hard to do...the navy sucks a lot of creativity out of you lol.
Since being in the navy, I've grown up a lot, 5 years will do that. and become more mature and still would like to take up my craft again.

So I've been thinking about re-apprenticing under my old mentor.

I was wondering if their were some good reading info about machine parts/needle types/ etc anyone would recommend?
(I do not currently tattoo fyi)
any comments or suggestions would be awesome.


RE:apprenticeship all over again.

Wow! I had a similar path too. Worked as an apprentice off/on during college, got certified and had my own shop for a year (single artist), then joined the AF and been in for 4 yrs now. I've tattooed the entire, though very sporadic, but still try and keep myself in it. Honestly, if you had the training before, a short apprenticeship should be all you need. A couple months of tattooing under a mentor will probably do enough. Best of luck!
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