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Power Supply without pressing the pedal with my foot?

Hi guys! From a long time I am interested in becoming a tattoo artist, I am drawing almost my whole life so now I am trying to understand everything technical-ish about tattoing.
Can someone explain me how the power supply for tattoo machine works in terms of - the pressing, when you are pressing the pedal it just turns on the power or you have to use it constantly for certain speed or else?
My concern is because I was in a car accident and now I cannot use my both legs (so I can`t control to press the pedal with my foot).
What would you do if you were in my place?
I will highly appreciate your advice.


RE:Power Supply without pressing the pedal with my foot?


Hey man,

The foot switch is basically a contact point that closes the circuit that allows the power to run through the machine. you can either hold your foot on the peddle to start the power supply, or with some power supplies you can just click the peddle once to start the power and click it again to stop it. you can also purchase power supplies that you can use your finger to hit a button to start the machine manually if you like and bypass the foot peddle all together. this is a simple method of using this power option...

hope that helps,


Stephen Stacey
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