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machine gone crazy

hey guys, i have a strange question. so i was recovering the coils on a old machine last night . its old, made of brass, iron coils with a metal yoke brass screws.anyway so i took it all apart and cleaned it up i have worked on machines for years so i know everything went back the way it is suppose to.so i hooked it up and nothing. i messed with it for about a hour and realized that when you tighten down the front coil its fine but when you tighten down the rear coil all the way its dead. if you loosen it up a quarter turn it runs fine. no wires are shorting out on the frame or anything .if you leave the rear coil loose and run it, apply some pressure to the side of the rear coil it dies. this machine has never let me down so this sucks. i am wondering do you guys think that the back coil has finally died inside or what?( i.e shorting out). i really hate to recoil it because of the miles on it. its all original and my go to machine when others fail. the only reason that i was recovering the coils was because the old covers where hit and i could not clean it easily. i have about 20 machines so i can retire it. but if i did i would still want it to be a running machine. i really would like to keep it as original as possible. so any advise would be appreciated.