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Rotary speeds

Hey everyone, I just purchased my first rotary machine (the valor) by tatsoul. I had been using a Watson coil, along with an eikon coil. So going from learning on a coil to a rotary has felt strange! I'm just not sure what ti be running it on! The other guys that I work with are old school and use ONLY could so they have no clue what to be running this machine on. I also bought the rage power supply..anyways my first run I was running 7.90 for lining and a 6.70 for shading. The line work went in dark, straight, and crisp and didn't swell up or seem to be hitting too hard. The same with the color, and shading it doesn't seem to be hitting to hard, and my clients say it hurts less than the coil, but the tattoos seem to be scabbing more than usual? I want to use rotarys as my main machine as I love the light weight, and the good color packing it has been doing. I was always taught that you should never go over the same spot more than twice, but I have found myself sometimes needing to go over three times with this new rotary. Any help would be great!


RE:Rotary speeds

Hi mate,

I'm having issues with putting in color with my rotary. The color goes in fast and strong.but every now and then leaves cuts/small slices in the skin. I have set the rotor to color, tried the power as low as 4.5. but it still cuts. For liner I use a coil, but i see many people switching to rotary for speedy coloring. Any help would be awesome.

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