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Hawk thunder/new pen

I work with the Cheyenne Hawk thunder every day and love it. I used to be one of those machine head guys, always getting new machines, building ones to do this or that just a little differently, but honestly I just liked getting new toys. The damn hawk works so well for pretty much everything that I really just don't use anything else now. I used to be the guy with 5 or 6 machines set up for a piece, not anymore. I'm Wondering now about the new Cheyenne pen. If their last offering changed things for me as much as it did, what's the new one like? Is it just the same thing in a different package? Or did they update it and make real improvements? If so what are they? It's relatively new still, so what I've got to go on mostly is the company's hyperbole and that's not worth much. I know two artists who have it but both are new to rotaries all together, so they both have no idea how it compares to what I'm running. Does anyone out there have both? If so I'd love to hear what you think about how they compare. Thanks