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Getting burnt out

Hit that stage where I was just burnt, didn't even want to look at tattoos online or really have anything to do with it. Got over it but it took a bigger toll on me than I thought, and now I feel like I'm starting over...anyone else been through it, and how was getting out of it?


RE:Getting burnt out

Im actually at a place right now where i am super tired to open up Facebook or Instagram and seeing the same tattoos over and over and over and over, again and again and again!

This is really just my point of view, and maybi I'm just jelaux, or something, I don't know. I have super much respect for the once that came up with sustain ideas of black n grey realism, but I'm really tired of seeing everybody is getting the same stuff done, with a clockwork, an eye, skull, etc. I think it has become the new tribal. Even more I get really annoyed when I see people doing this, and not even being able to do a sailor jerry rose without fucking it up.

I think photoshop has become an excuse not to draw, or to take the time to draw an actual design!

This being said i personally think photoshop is a great tool, IF! you can draw!

I am really fucking tired that 9 out of 10 people contacting me, I have to explain them how tattooing works and what makes a great to great. Because they have seen something done, that Is hip and in at the moment. Or they want something with a ton of details done that's the size of a thumbnail, because they are afraid of the pain "obviously" or someone who comes and said and want a tattoo, and want this, this or this, but I'm not sure.

Puh, I could go on. I feel you! Sorry for bad spelling or inappropriate language.

Greetings S.T.
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