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mentoring the right way

Hey there , so i have been re-reading some post from apprentices and people who are trying to get into our world and i have read some things that are just ridiculous. come on guys if you are going to take on the job of teaching these people, get your shit together. be a mentor that knows how to teach. if you own a shop and you are not on point then you don't need to be taking on someone. the whole purpose of apprenticeship is to take someone under your wing and make them the best artist out there. it makes you and your shop look good. get into 2015 the world that we started out in isn't there anymore. laws have changed codes are enforced and its not cool to just take someones money just to screw them over. i came from the streets. hanging in shops all my life and have seen so much bullshit. i have owned a shop now for 4 years and never have i acted like a jackass to people. it just makes your shop and you look like a damn fool. and if you keep doing that it will shut you down. not all tattooers can teach!!! some people need to just do their own thing and not ever train anyone.that being said , now to all that are trying to get into our great world .some of you guys need to really think about what you are asking for. don't just meet a tattooist and ask for them to train you ,you have to put in the dirt and time to get to know them. we have worked our asses off to get where we are and you will have to do the same. get yourself on point as well. be clean look the part.you must have a portfolio.a good one, the best art you have ever done. not jacked up tattoos you tried to do on your buddy. and NOT on your damn phone. it needs to be in a real binder. with real sheets of art, it can be anything form drawings to pictures that you took showing some kind of talent. we have a eye for seeing potential in all art. don't make up excuses.show up early if you get a chance to be apprenticed no one wants a lazy student. here is a big one stay off the drugs. business is business and play is play. be a professional apprentice and learn. look at it this way would you teach all your secrets to just anyone .or you would pick the one with the most potential and someone that you like. so you have to stand out. just like we do. and you really have to want to do this forever because once you start tattooing there is no turning back. sorry for the rant feedback is always welcome and stay on point and professional. hope this helps someone.