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Cheyenne pen

Does anyone have a review of the cheyenne pen?


RE:Cheyenne pen

Well, i have been using the pen since 6 months now and all i can say is hands down its amazing and comfortable as fuck buddy.It feels you are tattooing with a sharpie literally. Of course It needs a little learning curve, when you get used to it you'll absolutely love it. I recently ordered the inkjecta flite nano elite it's amazing and powerful but for me the pen is the best machine on the market by far
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RE:Cheyenne pen

I have been using the Pen for quite some time now and I'm very happy with it. like any machine you need some time to adapt to it, however, I have used neotat, and stigmas for a long while and it has a similar feel to it. The cartridges take a bit of getting use to. but I much prefer them to the traditional needle and tubes.

hope that helps,

take care

Stephen Stacey
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