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Spektra Halo vs Reaper rotary

Birthday is coming up so i though i would get a new machine as i only have a couple. I am stuck as to what to get, i have a Halo already and really like it. i mainly use an inkjecta flite v2. but I was thinking of getting a second halo or a Reaper machine by mike pike as the cartridge needles are very expensive. i have heard great things about both but haven't seen a lot of examples of work done by the reaper. The reaper also resembles a coil i have heard in the way it hits, i am an apprentice that has only used rotaries and fear i wont be able to handle such a hard hitting machine. I want it mainly for doing really nice smooth wash. So i was wondering if anyone had used either or both machines and could give me an insight into how they run, or recommend anything else. i have heard the new edge x is great for wash. Thanks a lot :)