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How's it going everyone?

For starters, I'm stationed at Ft. Bliss and am currently deployed, but will be back home soon. I'm looking for an apprenticeship, straight up. I had one a couple of years ago, but my teacher got arrested for drug possession and the shop got shut down. I've been bugging people left and right for one but everyone wants to dip their toes in the water, but not dive in with me.
I can draw my ass off. Don't like my drawings? I'll draw better (I'm working on starting a BFA anyways). Need someone dedicated? That's me, fully and wholly (though my work schedule is weird thanks to the Army). Need someone to sweep and mop? Teach me how to tattoo the right way and I'll do whatever is needed.
Even if I can't get an apprenticeship once I get back to El Paso, if there is anyone who would like to give me a shot, please reply. Also, little fun fact, I'm a combat medic, meaning CPR and EMT certified, which can only help your shop(s) if I keep up with my certs. True, I'll need bloodborne certification, but that won't be an issue.
Again, if you want to give me a shot, please pm me. I'm an investment and I aim to be a damn good one at that.
- Sean Birky, 68W10