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Bending the needle

Hey everyone!
Something has been bothering me lately, I was thought to bend my needles, I bend my liner a bit down from the soldering, so it will be sit tightly in the bottom of the diamond tip, about the magnums, I also bend them from the soldering, first up, and then down, so they will be tighter, so I can line and be more accurate with the sides of the magnum. I have been asking other artists if is something they do, and I get mixed opinions, some think you are not suppose to mess with the needles at all, some bend them from the bar. I've also read in his book, that Mike bands his needles.

I would love to hear about your personal preferences, do you bend you needles (magnum/liner/both), if you do, what is your method of bending?


RE:Bending the needle


I'm still trying to read all the books and watch all the DVDs that I can lay my hands on at the moment , and trying my hardest to get an apprenticeship my self so I'm probably not the best person to answer your question...

But from what I've learned so far is that, the whole point of bending the needle slightly and applying elastic band is so that the needle sits flush and does not jump about.

Many thanks
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