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Small groupings problem

Hello everyone!!! Great forum!!
I have been tattooing for 5 years, and recently started
Working with rotarys, I prefer setting my liner a bit softer
So I can build up lines, I set my liner (stigray) to about medium give
(A turn and a half away from closing the cap), I've learned that lower volts work best for me, 8-8.5 for linning, even though it is a bit lower than the recommended volts, of course these settings change depending on the skin and the area. The trouble I'm having sometimes, is with small groupings, mostly 5rl (10) or 3rl (12)
The needle seem to really tear up the skin, I've tried upping the volts, and playing with the give, it usually happens with more gentle
Areas, but sometimes even with thicker skin areas. When that happens obviously the healing is pretty faded. This is very frustrating, the other artists in my shop can't help me
Because they are old school and love their coils. I would love to get some advise, meybe some tips how to set the machine.
Peace out!


RE:Small groupings problem

Ive been tattooing exactly 5 years too and startrd having the same exact problem but i use coils. The only way i was able to fix this was to tune my machines to the speed of about a shader by changing the spring tension. It runs at about 95 to 110 now depending on the machine. I have had to slow my hand speed down a tiny bit to adapt to the speed of the machine but no real biggie. Now my lines are beautiful. Hope this helps somehow and u can fix your issue with the rotaries some how.
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