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Trouble tattooing collarbone area?

I am a licensed artist nearing about two years into my career. I've never felt I have a solid grasp on tattooing the little soft pocket under the collarbone and inside of the shoulder. I have had a couple minor blowouts in that area, and now I approach the area perhaps too tentatively... Taking multiple passes while lining and digging ditches instead of running comfortable lines.

Can anyone offer me some advice? Its like the skin has no backing to it all, even when stretched taut. It's my least favorite tattoo location, and unfortunately a trendy spot for fine detail script etc... Any suggestions would be appreciated.


RE:Trouble tattooing collarbone area?

I have quite a few tattoos as well. I'll have to agree with a majority of answers here and say the risks are the same. The skin in the collarbone area may be thinner resulting in more pain, however the tattoo's affect on your skin will be the same.
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