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Tattooers Longevity

Hey guys, I'm glad to see this forum is back up and active. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on a project that I've started called Tattooers Longevity. It originated from an idea that I put up on Nock Baxter's message board years ago and got a great response.

Basically we cover "longevity" from both a physical and creative perspective. Anyone who's been tattooing a long time knows that hours of tattooing at odd angles and with poor posture eventually catch up with you, so I put together a series of videos that focus on joint mobility, stretching and exercises to help keep your body healthy and strong.

As far as the creative aspect goes, there are several articles on meditation, the most recent one contributed by Nick Baxter, and more to come from various artists including non-tattooers like Alex Grey. The Ultimate goal here is to explore and understand the symbiosis between our physical body and our creative mind. They are not mutually exclusive. This is also a project for the community, so I encourage anyone that as any knowledge or experience that they feel is relevant to any of these topics to please share.

Thanks Mike for hosting this message board. Check out the Tattooers Longevity Website at: www.tattooerslongevity.com