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Confusion about Hawk Grip

Hi you awesome people out there,

I am actually a bit confused at the moment. I thought about buying a Hawk for a while but decided to stick to my coil machines.

Because i work with disposables only i dont have an autoclav.

Now what i do not quite understand. The Hawk grip is supposed to be bagged and wiped down after use and people say as long as no cartrige bursts there is no chance of contamination and no need for autoclaving it.

Now maybe someone can enlighten me. What is the difference between a hawk grip and someone who uses disposable one piece tube+tip with a bagged stainless steel grip?

If you get rid of the tube and tip after the use, and bag the SS grip before using and wiping it down, there is no possibillity of blood or ink coming in contact with the grip.

I do not really care about switching to SS and getting an autoclav because disposables save a lot of time but i really want to know it it would be a viable option to just buy disposable tubes and tipps and use them with a ss grip for a more ballanced setup.

I am really looking for a way to add more weight to the disposable grips for a balanced setup. Any suggestions?


RE:Confusion about Hawk Grip

yo the difference mainly lies within the cartridges and not the grip itself.

they have a membrane which supposedly makes it impossible for cross contamination. also the grip is supposed to be with some form of a special metal so you can only wipe it to keep it clean.

take it how you want

in germany we have a supplier (magicmoon) which sells disposable grips to which you can add weights. http://www.magic-moon-shop.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=187_387

little bit pricey tho
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