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Sweeping vs Circlular movement

Hi guys, I need help with this from people who know exactly what they're doing please.

So obviously in black and gray, sweeping is best for smooth and even shading.
I have an Edge X so I;ve been adjusting the settings, testing, changing, thinking, researching and the whole cycle over and over again Im going crazy.

There was a video on youtube of Bob Tyrell doing a skull with a crown, Im sure most of you have seen it. Well in this video it showed clearly at 1:39, just how successfully he sweeps in the ink. Its like one sweep left and one sweep right and the shade is there, smooth, nice and easy. Blows my fucking mind.

My whole goal at the moment, is to manage to get the right settings on this machine in order to lay in shades with easy sweeping.

I had my machine at 3.8mm with a slight give, its smooth but If I were to sweep it would need at least 5-6 sweeps to put the desired ink in.

So I turned the bearing down to 2.8mm which is preferable for black and gray. I thought if a 2.8mm means having a shorter "throw", it would be laying ink faster with less contact right?
But it still isnt as efficient as I would like it to be. The whole area becomes red until I get the ink in, by which time I cant see actual shade.

If I sweep slow, I get magnum lines, If I sweep faster it doesnt work.

So please, I would appreciate some help. That would make me so happy.

Thank you,