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cleaning the skin

I'm interested in other people's method of preparing skin.
Clean the skin and then shave it? shave it and then clean it? Green Soap? Alcohol based product? Other?
What gets everything off best before applying Stencil Stuff?


RE:cleaning the skin


Hey man,

I found the best way to prep the skin before applying the Stencil stuff is to start with first a general wipe down using either your green soap or for me, I use a antibacterial dial Gold soap to clean of the surface of any of the everyday contaminants that like to stick on the skin, whether is some dried on soda, or a drop of ketchup from someones burger, lol.
next I will use Prep stuff to gently lift the oils off the surface of the skin without removing any of the needed deeper oils that hep to maintain the health of the skin. if you do not have prep stuff, then you can use a alcohol based hand sanitizer to do the same, however, the hand sanitizer is more aggressive than the prep stuff on removing the surface oils from the skin and can leave the skin too dry if you use too excessive an amount.
next I will clean the oils that I have now brought to the surface with the prep stuff off with my soap again.
I will then begin to shave the area, being careful to shave in the direction of the hair so that you do not, irritate the skin. once the skin has been shaved, i will clean the hair off the area again with my soap.
Next I will clean off and remove the soap with some distilled water. this will make the surface of the skin very receptible to the stencil stuff when you rub it on. I will then blot the area with a paper towel to dry off the distilled water from the surface of the skin. if you ask your client if their skin feels a bit tight at this stage and they say yes, then you have succeeded in prepping the surface properly. Just be sure that you do not use too much stencil stuff and that you rub the stencil stuff into the skin like a lotion until the surface of the skin has a slight tackiness to it. if you have prepped the skin properly, you will not have any bleeding of your stencil when you put it on, and you will be able to leave the stencil on for over a minute without having to worry about smudging or bleeding of the image. the proper prep of the skin will allow the carbon from your stencil to really settle into the skin.
after you have applies the stencil, allow up to 30 mins for the stencil to dry depending on the size and detail of the stencil.

hope that helps,

Take care

Stephen Stacey
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