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tuning coils to use cartridges

I've used coils for around 5 years now. Did the research and talked to quite a few people on how to tune my coils using springs, abar weight, gap, and a good power supply. My coils run just fine with regular needles and I had no complaints. About 6 months ago I swapped over to cartridges and I'm really clueless on how to retune my machines. A few people told me to tune it regular with 50% duty with a cartridge grip and needle, others say tune it like you would a regular needle then just add the cart grip/needle and go with it.

I can't get my needle speed up where it needs to be and my duty is running high 60's.

Any tips from anyone using coils with carts?

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RE:tuning coils to use cartridges


Cant seem to find any answers. Someone please shed some light on this issue. Email me or something! tys0n.cbr@gmail.com
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