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New Tattoo shop in area

I'm a inspiring Artist who has dreams of opening my own shop one day..i do understand that we all have to start somewhere so I've been looking into a apprenticeship the first one i got fck outta of my money so I've been picky who i want to get involved with. well this new tattoo shop has opened up in my area..so i went and checked out their facebook page and the first thing i see s they talking down on the other shop in this area.. now i get it if you think or even know if your work is better than the next guys..but to talk shit about them on social media is really nonprofessional and don't really want to surround myself with that. but my girlfriend thinks that i should try and see if i can get in to the shop with them anyway..even tho i think what they did was unprofessional. do you think i should still give it a try to get my foot in door or try and find another way like I've been doing??


RE:New Tattoo shop in area

to be honest:

if they talk shit about neighbours they are either:

a) jealous over their work

b) jealous over their customers

c) major assholes

d) really really bored

so think about it, if they are jealous, fuck it and go to a different shop, they probably know that they are not good enough to compete and so should you. you need to learn from good artists to become one yourself

if they envy their customers or income there has to be a reason for it. every decent studio should be able to have enough money and customers, might be that they are not good enough?

if they are major assholes dont even go there, believe me i had to learn it the hard way, ypu cant flourish in a environment like that (talking from the artistic pov)

well and if they are really really bored it has to be because of all of the above....

conclusion: i'd leg it
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