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Diablo Swiss Regular Stroke

Hi Guys,
I´m about to buy a Diablo Swiss, focused on lining. Now I´m actually not totaly sure if I should go with the short stroke or the regular (allrounder) stroke. Anyone has some experience with the Diablo Swiss for lining? I´ve read some posts about the Diablo Swiss and I also know it comes down to personal preference, but I´d be grateful for some more ideas and opinions, which might help me decide. Sorry for my english, Greetings from Germany.


RE:Diablo Swiss Regular Stroke

Hey there, I've personally been using the 3.5mm stroke Diablo Swiss for everything and it works great. I run most lines at 7.5 volts and can color pack with a 9 mag at the same speed. All around great machine and I'm using the VI (Version 1 of the Diablo). Hope this helps.
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