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In a rough patch

I've been tattooing for 4years on and off majority in different apprenticeships and i was also working construction to make ends meet...i finally got my License to tattoo in my hometown and I am currently working in a shop and the owners tattoo license is 5 months expired ... ANYWAYS ... He is a American tradition artist and he has been pushing me to do some work that is more American traditional with all the hard lines Etc...my style is more bob Tyrell ,Freddy negrete black and grey realism type stuff I feel like this shop and owner won't let me go to the direction I want to be going ....he keeps trying to push me to do apprentice size tattoos it's almost like he's treating me like an apprentice today he was telling me to draw 2 sheets with 6 American traditional flashes ... I ended up leaving and a packed up my art supplies and went home and drew a 5x7 realistic skull with awesome detail that i know he can't even do ... I know I'm young in the game but I know what direction I want to to go in my artwork and I think staying there is limiting my full potential so I have decided to open my own shop with a partner in month ...any help or testimonies will be great thanks!!!


RE:In a rough patch

Not knowing the whole story but just from what you said,drink in whatever knowledge you can get .if this guy wants to school you in american traditional ,let him.its not as easy as it looks..theres a reason its called "traditional" its been around alot longer than new school..my last apprentice was an amazing artist the boy could draw is ass off but it was not great stuff for actual tattoos, was to complicated and detailed it would take a million years to do well..but in his words "this will blow peoples socks off when i get my own shop"..well he now has his own shop and guess what he had to choose, do what he wanted or eat..if your a one dimensional artist thats ok when you get to the level of the artists you mentioned but if your working in a studio and have to make rent and a living you have to be able to do what comes through the door..if your not working how will you reach the next level..? just my 2 cents man..art is a cruel mistress.
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