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Wash bottle solution

Hi Mike and others!
I'm a first year tattooer and i have a question that I feel that I'd be asking too much if I were to ask any neighboring artist in my city. I was wondering if there was any liquid anesthetic i might be able to mix into my wash bottle that could sooth a tattoo throughout the duration of the process with every wipe. I've only heard quick remarks from high end artist about it and i did not want to pry and ask. Typically i have a complex with asking for tips of the trade but seeing as this career is as much for the clients as it is for me it's the only thing i can seem to do to learn and not risk anyones health or skin. I appreciate any help!
i use distilled water with a small mixture of dial gold soap and about a 5th of the wash bottle of witch hazel and am trying to break my habbit of over wiping!


RE:Wash bottle solution

my bst advice is to wipe when you need to, but not too hard, if you get really messy, then lay a paper towel over the tattoo and gently squirt it down and let it soak for thirty seconds and then gently drag it clean. this helps cool it off and infuse more juice.

the juice: distilled water, witch hazle/ glycerine, drop or two of dial antibacterial and none cented soap.

you are already doing 99% corectly :)
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RE:Wash bottle solution

Hey bro!
1.Have you tried lubricating the skin with a and d ointment/ hustle butter, or every other alternative there is out there to Vaseline.
2. Maybe you can replace your wiping paper to something softer.
3. Another thing you can try is using bactine spray, once the skin is open. It will be better for the skin and the costumer will thank you for that.
All of the above will make it easier for the skin and reduce redness
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