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Career Questions for a Beginner

My stepdaughter has strong interest for years now in becoming a professional tattoo artist. OK - she's just turning 17, she will definitely be going to college ( without any arm twisting ) but I am open to supporting her in at least exploring exploring this option for the future - as a hobby or career.

Where can we both learn more about the career opportunities and potential ?
Can one make a good living at this on Long Island ( NY )?
How does one get started ? ( She'd probably be willing to just clean shop during summers to get close to things).

What books should she read now ? Magazines ? Apps ?

I also have questions about Tattoo kits for Practice ( not on humans ) but I'll post those seperately.

Thank you so much
- Jeff



RE:Career Questions for a Beginner

well i can't count how many times ive answered this question. So go through the forum and read, read until your eyeballs bleed.
because this is the most multi-faceted thing a person can do.
considering how much people spend on hair, clothing etc, we are underpaid. But I've known tattoo artists who put two kids through medical school, so it can be easily a rich career.
legwork, do it.
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