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Struggling with solid fills and lining

Hi everyone!

Yes I am a beginner and I am really struggling with solid fills in bigger areas, specially with a light greywash.
It always gets red and is spotted. I am not sure what is causing it.
Maybe my handmovement isn´t constant when doing bigger areas?

My other big Problem is doing solid lines. I am holding the Machine as I was taught to do. BUT sometimes you can see that,for example 5RL, is made out of single needles. So I "have" to work the lines out a few times and I know this shouldn´t be.

I am very thankful for every advice!

I am using a Spektra edge x, longest stroke and t-tech cartridges #12 usually.

For the greywash I use destilled water.

Thanks to everyone for helping out!

Have a nice weekend


RE:Struggling with solid fills and lining

hey, well i would have to say that more then likely its because you are a new artist and you are running a machine that was designed for someone that has been running rotaries for a long time. don't get me wrong rotaries can be ran by anyone but the problem comes in because it is a long stroke rotary. which means that the needles are out of the skin longer then normal. so if you dont have the hand speed or the understanding of that machine then it is going to take some time to get use to it. best thing i can tell you is learn that machine inside and out and you are going to have to learn how it runs in skin. so find some buddies to work on for free for a while or trade it for a normal stroke. hope this helps
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RE:Struggling with solid fills and lining

Thanks for your answer and advice!
yeah it´s very hard because sometimes it works well and sometimes it is very difficult and I dont´t know why.
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RE:Struggling with solid fills and lining

Hello everyone,

I'm tattooing for 1,5 year now, the shading and colorpacking are a piece of cake for me but the lining....

I've got some problems for a while now with lining.
I've got the stigma prodigy for a year now with the 4.5w motor and medium stroke (3.5mm to 4.5mm), my powersupply is a Critical XCx1 G2.

First i started with 7,6 V for lining because he 's pretty noisey, but everytime when i line it looks like i dipped in the greywash instead of black ink.
I have to go over it like 4 times untill its finally black.
I switched to 9V and it is slightly better, but in some parts of the skin it still is not black after 1 go.

So my question is, is anybody else experiencing trouble with lining with the prodigy, maybe my control thumbscrew for hitting is too tight? ( i have turned it as tight as it can, if tried and play with it but i think when i turn it looser he hits softer so thats not good for lining?)

Or maybe i'm just not deep enough in the skin..

I hope someone can advise me here :)

Thanks in advance!
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