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Professional Insurance

As an Independent Contractor for an established tattoo shop, on whose shoulders does the responsibility of Insurance rest? There was a recent burglary, everyones equipment was stolen... Shop owner did not have insurance to cover anything stolen or damaged. Now we are out on thousands. What advice do you guys have regarding this situation? I've been told to consider taking the owner to court to recoup costs, but could not possibly see anything good coming from that. Needless to say there is a bad taste in my mouth from the experience. Is there insurance to cover stolen tools, equipment, etc on a singular basis?



RE:Professional Insurance

hey, man that really sucks. this is a hard one to answer because everyone will look at it from a different angle.if you plan to stay at that shop then talk to the owner and see if you guys can come up with some way of working together to fix things to where you never have this happen again. like better security. i can say right now that suing the owner is just not gonna work plus it may give you a bad name in the business.not to mention it will take years for you to get your money back. if you look at it as i do i would go get insurance for your equipment on your own. no matter what. i am a shop owner and tattooist and i carry insurance for the shop but it only covers my tattoo equipment. as you said you are a independent contractor so you have to cover your own ass. i feel for you man that has to be a nightmare for you. i know that insurance is one of those bills that we all hate and sometimes we dont think about but as you can see sometimes you need it .if you stay there then see if there is a plan that you guys can get that will cover everything in the shop. but it maybe expense if you have already burnt a bridge with the shop owner and left then go get your own and just count it as a lost. just my two cents worth but i hope it helps
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