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Stingray + Cheyenne hawk cartriges

I have a stingray rotary machine, i love it. I have seen that you can adjust them slightly (allowing full give) in order to except a grip and needle cartriges made for Cheyenne Hawk machines (one machine with the features of 2, so epic!)

so I have gone to buy a hand grip that takes cheyenne cartriges to use for my stingray, but I have noticed that they now have a "hand flex grip" that let's you use Cheyenne needle cartriges for all normal coil and rotary machines....

...so my question is: which hand grip should I buy for my Stingray?; normal (made for Cheyenne hawk) or flex (made for all others)?

they will both work for my machine, but are made differently, so I assume will have slight differences when working. at the very least one will have no give and the other will.

If anyone has experience with these machines and combo, please let me know any pros and cons you've found with this. Thanks!