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Four problems that I have as a beginner

I have four questions, after my first attempts tattoing on pig skin and silicone pad.
First a little bit of info-I am working with Hyper V3 machine and Eikon ES300 power supply.
1.So this is the first time I tried on pig skin, but because of peeling of the skin and sticking ink of the skin pores ( [IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/2wcpldl.jpg[/IMG] / [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/esu4iq.jpg[/IMG] ) I decided to buy a silicone pad from the tattoo shop and try again.When I tried it,it felt really hard, and you can see on the photo ( [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2nrn31j.jpg[/IMG] )how all the dots from the needles are super visible and it all seem like scratches, moreover I couldn`t even fill in the black.It all seem like grey(with the pig skin i hadn`t this problem, the black filled really easily).So I have two different problems with both the materials that I want to learn on and I don`t know if it is my fault and I am doing something wrong,or it is from the skins. Please tell me your opinion.
2.I have problem with ink spill when on higher voltages.It sprays drops all over the place (I checked the needle stabilizer and it is barely touching the needle, I use the right tips number recomended from the needle supplier, and I also tried to slide the tube more,so the needle is barely out of the tube). It is occuring with all the needles that I`ve tried.
3.How you can see what are you covering over the stencil? I don`t quite get this, because the stencil could not be removed and it is really dark, when you try to cover it with the right ink/shade how you can see what are you doing? And how you can decide if it is ready, when actually you still see the stencil? And here I am not talking only stencil for a linework, but more like a stencil lines that you use for guiding you where are the shades of a black and grey piece.How you can see if the shade is blended good or is the right tone, when the bold blue ink is popping up?
4.Also,nowadays I see really nice lineworks, tiny tattoos with subtle lines and dots.What needles do these tattoo artists use?Because in my tattoo shop i can see only 3RS/RL, but the coverage of this needle is bigger.I don`t get it.Is there a smaller one or they are using the other side of the flat ones?
I hope you can help me with these problems.Thanks!


RE:Four problems that I have as a beginner

Hi, when apprentices start tattooing, they worry about things that when over the time you realize aren´t important. I remember when I firs started I worried about how much a needle must be out of the tip, with time and practice I realized I can get a line working the tip as well as riding the tube.. I could´t see the images you posted so I can answer all your questions, but the one you said that your machine spit some ink, it can be for different reasons. It can be for too much voltage, It can be for the needle not be well stabilized so it vibrates, It can be for the tip been too big. have you bend the needle a little bit so it stay close to the tip?... Also for the needle question, there are a one needle but the mayority of artist don´t really use them. the smallest they use is 3 RL. The diameter of each independent needle also make a difference in the general thickness of the whole needle, they are numbered as # 08 or .25, (also known as bug pin), #10 or .30 and #12 or .35. Hope I could clear some of your questions, Happy new year
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