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reservoir don't collect enough ink

Hello to all!
I have been finding a lot of good information in this forum so I would like to thank everybody.

I bought recently a nice handmade machine. I took the time to play with it a bit the other day, playing with the armature assembly ,changing the spring tension and the front screw gap- just testing out some stuff and trying it on pig skin.

It took me a while to get it to where it sounds good. The problem I have now it that it seems that the tube is not holding enough ink- that means, let's say I am lining with a 7er round and the ink doesn't spill or anything and there seems to be a consistent line but the ink is running out very quickly, like a few lines and that's it.
I tried dipping it more times, running the machine when it's in the cup, changing the needle depth but no use- the reservoir don't seems to collect enough ink in the first place..

Anybody know why is that?



RE:reservoir don't collect enough ink



The first things that come to mind when I read your post are:

-Tube tip too large. If your running a 7L down a tube that would better fit a 9L then the ink will spill out faster.

-Too much bend on the needle bar. If the needle is pressing to much against the bottom of the tube tip it won't allow surface tension to hold ink in the well.

I had another one but I just forgot what it was....

Though part of the post confused me because you said it runs a few consistent lines before needing to be dipped again. That sounds about right to me. If the above tips don't help, and no one else has anything to offer, I'd guess that everything is operating as needed.

Hope this helps,
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