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Collar bone Blowouts

Hey guys, I want to know whats the deal with womens collar bones and blowouts, Ive gotten to the point where I just dont want to do lines on em. Tips?


RE:Collar bone Blowouts


Hey bro,

This is a common problem for a lot of people. once you get to the collar bone area, you are going to have a lot less skin bounce than the rest of the surrounding tissue. It's like trying to drive a nail into a sponge, it just doesn't want to go, but if you have a piece of board behind the sponge to pick up on the give, it will go in easy. the collar bone area is the same. The bone causes a pinch point to the proper layer of skin because there is less fatty tissue there and makes it easier for you to go too deep.. Some people forget to take this into consideration. an easy way to avoid this is to pull the skin off to the side of the collar and work the skin that way. Just be sure that you have a good stretch of the area, and me mindful of the natural stretch pattern in the skin, and get a good 4 point stretch because it will feel like tattooing the neck, or the side stomach where you will have to work inside a bit of a ditch, depending on the body mass of the client, but especially for thin clients.. This will help to insure you get good clean lines, and good saturation without damaging the skin. Also it is sometimes best to work with larger groupings of needles in this area to increase the puncture resistance, and help minimize accidentally going too deep, same as you would if you were tattooing the neck....

Hope that helps.

Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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