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Healing Issue

Hello everybody,

i recently had a strange healing issue which (i know) can have several reasons.
But in this matter ist realy strange.

i did my first Color Tattoo near the stomache area.

the Color went in pretty smooth and easy.

and it looked very solid after the session. after 2 days it started to get try and a very thin scab started to happen.

But after the 4th day the scab became realy heavy and thick.
after approx. 10 days the scab was gone. and the Skin was very silvery , BUT the Color was fucking solid in! Normaly i thought the Color would be completly gone after that heavy scab. But not in that case.

Any suggestions?



RE:Healing Issue


Hey bro,

It sounds like you worked the skin to it's limits, but not quite overworked it. The scab formation is a matter of aftercare. you should tell your clients that if they see any plasma oozing during their healing, that they should blot it off with a paper towel. (plasma looks like sweat forming on the skin that may have some color in it). If you allow the plasma to form without removing it, it will anchor into the skin and begin forming a heavy scab. this will risk pulling out the ink should the scab come off prematurely.

If you would like email me your aftercare instruction. I will help to check and see if there are any issues with it.

hope that helps.

Take care

Stephen Stacey
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RE:Healing Issue

I have this one customer that always has an infection. ONLY HER!!! Noone else. Can you send me your aftercare instructions Superman? killforbeer@gmail.com
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RE:Healing Issue

Hello Superman.

that sounds pretty clear! thank you.

on this particular Tattoo i did tthe following steps:

firt of all i let it bleed out completely than i washed it clean with a mix of green Soap and distilled water.

after that i put a transperence foil on it called suprasorb.

i think the she did not wash the Plasma off good enough and so come the scab (heavy) .

But as i wrote, the crazy Thing is that , that the Color stayed in solid.

i recently switched from coils back to rotarys. maybe i just have to Keep the needle more inside and it was a mix from going to deep and the not so good aftercare.

layering with rotarys is stilla Thing that is fucking hard for me.
When see does realistic artists layering with cheyenne´s ist still crazy for me.

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