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Healed tattoo looks so much different

Hey,this cross is a tattoo I did on new year's eve this year and next to it is a pic of it now...
I have spent ridiculous amount of time shading and perfecting it, and when it healed it didn't look as grainy and scratchy as when I first started tattooing but it still doesn't have the nice airbrush feel to it and the small cross faded out entirely..
I used 7m1 and 11m1 magnum needles and a 3RL needle for lining...
How come it's so crappy???
And my lines have got super dark and completely ruined the realistic intention I had for the tattoo... and overall the tattoo got so much darker with a lot more contrast... what have I done wrong? Is there a way to make tattoos so they stay just like when you finished them?

(3yrs experience, rotary swisstattoomachine, intenze ink colors, approx. 5 hrs of work)

pic link: http://postimg.org/image/d1zi0xs8z/


RE:Healed tattoo looks so much different


Hey bro,

A Tattoo will never look the same as the day you do them, simply because the tattoo needs to heal, when a tattoo heals, the ink will settle into the second layer of skin, everything in the top layer will migrate and then fall out during the healing stage. the reason the tattoo looks darker, is because when you were doing the tattoo, you irritated the skin causing it to become red. this redness will interfere with the true color of the pigment you are putting in. and the true pigment colors will show when the redness goes away. same reason the super light tones look red only, and then really light grey when it heals. getting the realistic look you want comes with practice, and knowing your pigments and the skin your working on well enough the get the healed results you want. Also, you have to keep in mind the light trying to get to the ink during thew tattoo is disrupted by the redness. once the tattoo heals, the light can penetrate the top layer easier and reflect the true tones that you originally put in. a tip that will help is when you do black and grey, try not to look at the tones as black and grey, but rather, pay attention to the irritation of the skin, you will notice that the lighter the tone is , the harder it is to see, until eventually the redness overpowers the ink. instead look at your black and grey as "black and brown" the irritation of the skin makes the skin look more brown in color, so when you do these pieces, concentrate on how even and smooth the "bruising" of the skin is getting, if you nail this, then the healed version will fall into place to where you want it to be...

Hope that helps.

Take care

Stephen Stacey
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RE:Healed tattoo looks so much different

Looks fine to me...
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RE:Healed tattoo looks so much different

It actually looks great, nice work.
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