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Big Lining Problem, HELP!

Hi everyone!
I am still practicing lining but I have a big problem.

When I do a line (with a 5rl T-tech for example) you can see that the needle is made out of smaller needles.
So my lines aren´t solid and smooth.

I really can´t figure out what causes this problem. I really tried everything: changing volts, "hand speed", depth, angle, give (spektra edge x)....

Once I thought I got it and made some good lines but the next day I had the same problem again with the same settings I had the day before.

It gets more and more frustrating every day.

I would be grateful for any advice



RE:Big Lining Problem, HELP!

lock out the throw on the spectra and id say run it 9.5 volts little bit of a lean not much tho i use the hawk medium/t 7rl and also id say when i use my hawk with rhe rpg click grip i have the needle tip level with the end tip of the tube hope this helps :-)
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RE:Big Lining Problem, HELP!

Thanks for your advice Buzz!
I just tried diffrent needles, #10 instead of #12 and it works better for me. And I think I had to much lean.

Have a great weak!
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