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Greywash help please

Hi guys
I have looked through the forum pages but can't find my problem which is this...
I'm mixing my own greywash and like to think I'm quite switched on with technique, that said I feel when my work heals it looks muted and washed out, like a strange blue is or a muddy brown.

Using dynamic black mostly but also tryed silverback xxx and mixing with distilled water and distilled witchhazel.
Normally my set up is: 5 large caps 1st stright black, 2nd 15 drops, 3rd 7 drops, 4th 3 drops, 5th water.
Have tryed going up in value like (20, 10, 5, drops) but still the same also try more caps for a spread out tone.
Equipment set up is hummingbird rotarys soft hitting slow building up, bugpin 11 curved mag or variants

Nailing black and grey means a lot to me and it's very frustrating not hitting it as I feel something is missing.