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Neotat Vivace

Hey MikeD, Just wanted to reach out to you and anyone else that may be able to help with the neotat vivace issues I've been having. Try as I might, I cannot seem to get nice consistent lines...at least without going REALLY slow. I know it's not me because when i'm using my short coil machine, my lines are great. It just seems as if the voltage settings are needed to be different on these....I'm tempted to experiment with them but also do not want to chance messing up the machines or somebodies skin. Shading and color fills are a little easier but it still is frustrating. I've heard everything from not running my needle out as far to operating on lower voltage...etc...

Anyways, I know you used them for some time and any direction you could give me would be really appreciated. I would go back to coils, but unfortunately I have started to have hand problems and the vibration and weight of a coil setup prevents me from working full sittings...

Thanks in advance for you help.