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InkJecta flite v2.1 set up

Hi guys,

So I have read a lots of topic in the forum about the InkJecta but I didn't find the answer for my question..

I'm a realistic tattooist and I love to do every single detail on a piece so I usually spend a lots of time in one area.
I have the Thunder and I don't like it to be honest as I think the layering is too difficult with it. Also it is too strong to me...
I have Inkmachines as well and I love them... but I always wanted to use only cartridge machine and I was using the inkmachines with cartridges but I don't think that would be the best set up. Those are not designed for cartridges.. and I think everyone can feel that...

So I bought the InkJecta flite v2.1 and my question is what kind of set up could you advise me? I was thinking for the soft bar with 3.5 or 4mm cam.

Thanks for reply.


RE:InkJecta flite v2.1 set up

I would love to hear even Mike's thoughts.
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