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Ink under gloves

Hey. Just a quick question.
I'm currently in an apprenticeship and have done 9 small tattoos so far. Everything has gone great. But there has been one hiccup.

My last tattoo was a 1 hour session. Quick and easy. But after I was done, I took my gloves off and there was black smudges on my hands. Not full blown ink. Just little black cloudy areas on my hand.

I use night angel nitrile gloves from eikon. And I'm positive I didn't poke through my gloves.

Is this a normal thing? My mentor says it happens, but I'd just like reassurance and a possible explanation as to why it happened.



RE:Ink under gloves

probably just a bad glove out of 100 of them. Bit like needles, you'll get a few bad apples amongst the pack.
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