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im having problems getting stencils that halo... i like to print out pics on normal paper and use the carbon paper so its facing the back of the printed paper and just draw the stencil from the picture side so it goes onto the reverse of the printed pic.
the problem im finding is using this method with normal paper is im getting double or triple lines of certain parts of the tattoo as the normal paper doesnt stick to the skin as well as stencil paper as its not as pliable... does anybody have any advice for putting on stencils as to get as clear end result as poss even on parts of the body like the shoulder which are harder to wrap a stencil around. im using stencil stuff and the stencils stay once its on fine, just want to rid myself of these pesky double lines!!!




Hey bro,

puting stencils on round areas can be a bit tricky., the trick is to not think that the entire stencil has to go on right away at the same time, and come off at the same time. you want to put lots of cuts in the paper to help wrap it around these tricky spots. also, try and concentrate on one half of the stencil first. get that in place and then press the other side as you lift up the first side, having the first side lift up is ok, you don't need to reapply it. the stencil stuff will still be fine until you are ready to put the stencil on. as long as you don't take 15 mins to put it on, you'll be fine..

hope that helps

take care

Stephen Stacey
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Yeah< Superman pretty much got it, it really has do with the cuts on the paper especially on the spots that give us trouble. Be sure to take your time and don't double press.
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Thanks for the advice. I always get worried if i cut it, it will overlap on the cuts too much and end loosing some of the stencil as the paper overlaps. But i have to admit it is working much better since i have been putting cuts in again
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