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Using Witch Hazel

Hey guys,
so my country had no idea what witch hazel is, so I recently bought some online. Distilled of course.

I;ve read that it helps with swelling and redness when used in tattooing.
My question is if anyone knows details on how to use it. Do I put a drop in each ink cap or do I mix it with my distilled water which will then be used for graywash?

Thank you for any help.


RE:Using Witch Hazel

My co-workers use it. They mix it with their colours and sometimes keep separate caps and if you're making your own grey shades you can use it instead of water. You can put as much as you want in to the shade you want it at. so for example if you use a light tone, you'll put between 1 and 3 drops of black and then fill the rest of the cap up with Witch hazel.
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RE:Using Witch Hazel

It works.
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