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Autoclave bags melting during sterilization

Hello guys, i have recently started using stainless grips for tattooing. When I put them into autoclave bags and seal them. I then run autoclave and preheat it at 180 C, for 75minutes.

I guess that you should first put the grips first into the bags and then sterilize, so you dont have to touch them again after the sterilization process is done.

The problem i have is that all the bags melt down, and stay on the grips. It happened to me two times with two different sizes of bags. Even those loose ones get stuck on the grips.

Should i lower the temperature or the time of the sterilization or is it safe to put the grips into bags after the sterilization is done ?

Thank you for helping out
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RE:Autoclave bags melting during sterilization

I put the grips in the bags after sterilisation.
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RE:Autoclave bags melting during sterilization



75 minutes seems like an awfully long amount of time.

Also if your temp is in Fahrenheit it is too low. If it's Celsius its too hot.

Your autoclave should have specific settings and cycles, but the one in my shop runs at 250 degrees Fahrenheit at 15 PSI for 30 Minutes. So that would be about 121 degrees Celsius.

The heat and steam create pressure that creates the sterilization. If your autoclave uses strictly heat and no pressure then you will need that higher temp, but will also need steri bags that can handle it. All the autoclave bags I've seen are for steam sterilization and would definitely melt at 180 Celsius.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

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RE:Autoclave bags melting during sterilization


Also if you put the grips in bags after sterilization, they are no longer sterile.
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